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A Million Dots

By Andrew Clements
Illustrated by Mike Reed

Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN-10: 06898839227
ISBN (13 digit)/EAN: 978-0-689-83922-1
Retail Price: $15.95
Our Net Price:  $10.40 (35% discount)

Subjects / Categories:
Juvenile fiction - concepts / numbers

SSLI Book Award Honor Book


Published July 2006
Size: 9.25 x 12 inches
32 Pages
Ages 5-8
Grades K-3

Teaching Guide:
From - Teaching Guide: A Million Dots (printable PDF file)

Front Inside Cover:

It’s a long way to a million, right?
Of course it is.
But do you really know
what a million looks like?

If you’d like to see -- actually see, right now, with your own eyes -- what a million looks like, just open this book.

Be prepared to learn some interesting things along the way.

Like how many shoe boxes it would take to make a stack to the Mount Everest.

And be prepared to do some number wondering of yoru own.

But most of all, be prepared to be amazed.

Because a million is a LOT of dots.

About the Author:

Andrew Clements has written more than fifty books for children, including the enormously popular Frindle and, most recently, the New York Times bestseller, Lunch Money. Mr. Clements taught in the public schools near Chicago for seven years before moving east to begin a career in publishing and writing. He and his wife, the parents of four grown children, live in Westborough, Massachusetts.

Excerpt (from


DOT NUMBER 100,000
An adult sperm whale weighs as much as 100,000 pounds.

DOT NUMBER 133,381
The combined heights of the tallest mountain on each of the Earth's seven continents is 133,381 feet.
Mount Kosciusko, Australia, 7,310 feet
Mount Elbrus, Europe, 18,481 feet
Vinson Massif, Antarctica, 16,067 feet
Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa, 19,340 feet
Mount McKinley, North America, 20,320 feet
Mount Aconcagua, South America, 22,835 feet
Mount Everest, Asia, 29,028 feet

DOT NUMBER 134,000
A person blinks about 134,000 times each week.

142,911 dots so far

Text copyright © 2006 by Andrew Clements
Illustrations copyright © 2006 by Mike Reed


DOT NUMBER 200,000
200,000 pennies would fill twenty-two one-gallon milk jugs.

DOT NUMBER 232,224
A stack of 232,224 shoe boxes would be three times taller than Mount Everest, the tallest mountain on Earth.

238,143 dots so far

Text copyright © 2006 by Andrew Clements
Illustrations copyright © 2006 by Mike Reed


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