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Back to Young Hoosiers 2002-2003 Nominees: 4-6 Grade

The Moonlight Man

Author: Betty Ren Wright
Publisher: Scholastic
ISBN: 0590252372
Retail Price: $15.95
Our Price: 10.40
Hardcover only

Inside Front Cover:

Since their mother died, fifteen-year-old Jenny Joslin and her six-year-old sister, Allie have moved seven times with their father, who is trying to put the past behind him. But Jenny feels right at home when she sees their cozy new house in the woods.

Jenny soon finds out that the house is anything but ordinary. A picture on Allie’s bedroom wall appears, then disappears. And one moonlit night, the two girls think they see a shadowy man and his dog sitting on their backstep. Maybe it was just the moon light playing tricks on our eyes, they reason, and call the shadow the Moonlight Man.

When their new neighbor April hears someone sobbing in her basement, Jenny takes charge, enlisting April to help her get to the bottom of the puzzle. Very quickly the girls become involved in something much scarier than they had imagined.

Best-selling author Betty Ren Wright has once again created a gripping story that combines family relationships with mystery. Jenny Joslin’s strength in the face of her own fears will appeal to all young mystery lovers.

The Moonlight Man by Betty Ren Wright


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