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Back to Young Hoosiers 2003-2004 Nominees: Intermediate (Grades 4-6)

No More Nasty

Author: Any McDonald
Illustrated by Cat Bowman Smith

Publisher: Melanie Kroupa Books
ISBN: 0374355290
Retail Price: $16.00
Our Price: $10.40

Inside Front Cover:

Who’s the new substitute teacher in Simon’s fifth-grade class? It can’t be - but it is - Simon’s own Great-Aunt Matilda.

Simon may have loved visiting his eccentric aunt on her farm last spring, but here, with his classmates laughing at her mismatched shoes, her huge flowered hat, and her odd ways, he’s ready to deny he even knows her. Same last name? Just a coincidence.

Simon’s class is every substitute teacher’s worst nightmare: their favorite game is Sink the Sub. But Simon’s Aunt Matilda is not your typical sub. With her incorrigible rude parrot, she breaks rules left and right - daring to suggest that learning can be fun. And when she proposes that Siimon and his classmates try to snatch the Science Fair prize from Mr. Lister’s class with an original project of their own. Simon knows for sure that fifth grade will never be the same. 

Join in the fun as this hilarious sequel to No More Nice turns the classroom upside down, challenging Simon and his classmates to look as school, learning, and themselves in a whole new way.


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