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Are your students reading Books?

Our company policy is to “order on demand”, rather than have an extensive inventory of thousands and thousands of titles. From experience, we have found that, no matter what the inventory levels we might maintain for the titles we carried, a significant percentage of the orders we received would be for quantities which exceed the number of copies we had in stock.

For example, if we kept 100 of a widely ordered title, we would get an order for 200. If we kept 25 of a not-so-popular title, we would get an order for 30. If we kept two copies of an infrequently ordered title, some one would order three copies. So.... time after time, we found it necessary to order the books we needed to completely fulfill orders.

By “ordering on demand” immediately and directly with the publishers, we can fulfill entire orders in a timely manner. Our cash requirements are therefore smaller and we pay less interest to banks.

The result - higher discounts for teachers and schools! Our goal is to help schools save money, stretch their budgets, and obtain more of the books they need in the classrooms. We hope our school children will benefit.

Discount Schedule - for most major publishers:

Our Normal Discount for small orders: 35%

Larger discounts may be available depending
 on publisher, and the number of titles
and quantities ordered.

Urgent Shipments: We can obtain books on short notice from any number of sources, but the discounts we pass on would be less, and probably in the ranger of 25-30%. The discount we can offer would depend on the source or sources we need to tap to bring in the books, and considers the discounts we receive and any shipping costs we incur.

Orders for a Single Copy (or 2-3 copies) of One Title Only: For very small orders, we may reduce the discount or offer zero discount to offset the costs associated with obtaining, handling, and shipping the books.

In a nutshell, we will try to pass on the highest discount we possibly can while maintaining a viable margin which will keep us in business.


Home | About Us | What’s New | Young Hoosiers | Eliot Rosewater
Our Discounts | How To Order | Price Quotes | Contact Us

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