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On Publishers:

We order from almost all major publishers and academic publishers on demand. As some publishers set minimum quantities on orders, we consolidate orders as necessary, and usually order at least two to three times per week. Large orders are placed immediately with the publisher. We can expect delivery of the books we ordered within 4-10 days, depending on the publisher.  We can handle “URGENT” order requests, but most likely will provide a slightly lower discount.

On Inventory:

We maintain a very limited inventory by design. We thereby keep our costs low and can pass on the highest possible discount to our school customers. We do have ready access to many titles from other area wholesalers and can act on an urgent order request.

On Quotations:

Once we receive a request for a quotation, we will try to act on your request as quickly as possible. A quotation’s intent is to obtain the latest information on book titles, especially price and availabilty, to ensure accuracy on a purchase order. However, please realize that it can be very time consuming to complete a quotation for a long list of titles. For example, a realistic single title search for latest price and status can take between 1-5 minutes, depending on various factors. Obviously, price and availability requests for large orders, i.e. 150-200 titles or more can take a long time -- hours, or days in fact. But we will do our best to accommodate all requests for pricing and availability.

On Discounts:

We will try to pass our highest possible discount (up to 40%) to you whenever we can. Orders for titles from most major publishers should allow this. Very small orders or single title requests will most likely receive minimum or zero discount, or even a surcharge if we receive minimal/no discount plus a shipping charge.

Orders for titles from “academic” and similar “short discount” publishers will most likely result in a lesser discount than those from major publishers. Discounts provided by academic publishers vary greatly. We may also offer a lesser discount depending on the urgency of the order request, as well as the number of different titles and different publishers on the order.

We will always confirm the discount with you prior to ordering, especially if there are lesser discounts for selected titles on your order.

On Price Changes:

Ugh! “Price change” - the words we all hate to hear. But publishers will change their prices without notice, and that is REALLY WITHOUT NOTICE. Please realize that we will do all we possibly can to provide the latest price information to you for accuracy on your purchase orders. But we cannot quarantee publisher prices - our margins are small enough without having to absorb an often additional 10-20% increase in a book’s retail price.

On Shipping and Handling:

As a general rule, we will charge actual Fedex Ground or UPS shipping only for your orders, which ever is the most economical as well as expedient. We may need to include a handling charge as necessary for special or unusual orders but, so far this is a rare occurrence (i.e. orders for single copies of a hard to get title).


Zero returns is our goal. But we realize that every now and then a school orders a book which is the wrong one, or is found for some reason to be unsuitable. If this is the case, just give us a call and explain the problem so we can solve the problem and get you the books you want.

Still Have Questions? Email us at


Home | About Us | What’s New | Young Hoosiers | Eliot Rosewater
Our Discounts | How To Order | Price Quotes | Contact Us

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