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Raising the Shades
By Doug Wilhelm

Publisher: F S & G
Published: April 2001
ISBN: 0374361789
Retail Price: $16.00
Our Net Price: $10.40

Pages: 192
Ages: 9-12
Lexile: 470

This book is temporarily out of stock at the publisher

Publisher Synopsis:

Every since his mother and sister moved away, thirteen-year old Casey has had to take over his mom’s role around the house, cooking, cleaning ... and looking after his father when he’s “sick”. Its just the two of them now, and every night Casey worries about how things will be when his dad gets home. When his dad is happy, Casey couldn’t be happier. But when things are bad, he can’t help blaming himself.

Casey believes his dad is just going through a hard time, that he’ll get better soon. He doesn’t want to admit there’s more to it than that. He won’t talk about it with Oscar, his old best buddy, and he sure doesn’t want to say anything to upset his dad. But soon even Casey can see that things are getting worse ... much worse.

Then comes a phone call from his aunt. She and some others know what’s going on and want to help, and she says there’s something they can do - but they need Casey to participate. Yet as angry and resentful as Casey is starting to feel about taking care of his dad, he’s even more worried that confronting him, and telling him the truth, will rupture the last piece of family he has at home - and destroy his relationship with the person he loves most in the world.


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