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Shipwreck Season

Author: Donna Hill
Publisher: Clarion Books (Houghton Mifflin)
ISBN: 0395866146
Retail Price: $15.00
Our Price: $9.75
Hardcover only

Inside front cover:

Live at the lifesaver’s station with the coarse, dull surfmen? Take orders from his crude, unsympathetic uncle, Captain Alder, the man in charge? Sixteen-year old Daniel is appalled at the idea. And yet, in the autumn of 1880, Daniel finds himself on the train to Cape Cod, where for eight months he will share the surfmen’s spartan and strenuous routine.

Daniel is prepared to hate everything about his new life, and at first it seems as comfortless and unrewarding as he had imagined. The only thing he looks forward to is the rescue training, confident in his skills as an athlete, familiar with boats since childhood. Daniel is eager for opportunities to show his superiority to the rest of the crew. But the work is unexpectedly demanding, and - even more surprising - Daniel finds himself beginning to respect and admire the surfmen who risk their lives to save those lost in shipwrecks on the coast.

Shipwreck Season by Donna Hill

Shipwrecks and rescues form the dramatic backdrop to this story of a boy’s coming of age in the early days of the United States Life-Saving Service.


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